Response to have you seen it?

yes - Cathy - it is great that we have this Internet (thanks to the US military, I might add - but that is besides the point :-) I don't think it is fair to characterize the actions of one soldier, probably a PFC, as representative of American policy. Besides, in the interviews of any soldiers that I have heard, they have always maintained that they are there for the Iraqi people. So - if you are to believe that every soldier embodies the intention of their leaders, I would say that is a good sign. Look - I am not saying that 100% of Iraq is happy about America being there. And I think that a lot of them are really, really cautious about it. But what I have seen is a far cry from what the most ardent doomsayers would happen at the beginning of this...that the Iraqis would show hatred and animosity to any invading force. This hasn't happened. A lot of the reaction that I have seen has been some of cautious optimism - and I can't say that I blame 'em. They want to see the proof that democratic institutions will be set up and that America will leave and let them govern themselves. And, yes, Bruce - I do tend to take the language of politicians as representative of their policies. With a large grain of salt, maybe. However, let me turn the tables on you a bit here. I have seen the exuberance of a lot of Iraqi people - and many of their quotes seem to express both a hope for democracy as well as a relief to get Hussein out. I have heard the plan for an interim authority. There are meetings scheduled now with Iraqi leaders and exile leaders to set up democratic institutions. What proof can you cite *with respect to this conflict*, not with respect to pre-9/11 history, that America intends to colonize Iraq? I do support the kind of democracy that is emerging in Afghanistan - the kind that has seen a massive influx of Afghanis back into their home country since they see they have a chance to participate in its future. I think it is far better than what existed there before. Like I said, girls are going to school, that seems like progress to me. I think that the language and the action of what is happening is far better than what has happened before - the US installing or propping up a dictator. Isn't this progress?

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