Response to have you seen it?

Bruce - I looked and I looked - here are the facts that I found in your reply: - A quote attributed to no-one in particular at the US State Dept. - The interim authority will be run by a retired General who you claim is pro-Israeli without providing any proof (even though I am not sure that his attitude to Israel has anything to do with his ability to bring partied together in Iraq). Everything else sounds like your opinion. And yet you call on me to cite facts and prove my intelligence to you by listing the books that I read? I have read most of Chomsky's books. I've read a lot of what Berman has written too. I've read a lot of stuff by Dr. Seuss too. Respect me now? Hey - please cite all the books you have read, too - that's fun! Thanks for calling me a weasel and telling me that I am far away from planet Earth - you seem to be a real nice guy. I am sorry that I make you sick. I hope you didn't throw up too much. I like how you set out to 'refute my points one by one', but yet you don't touch on a lot of the facts that I laid out. Maybe you can analyze some of the facts in this post? I fully believe that the government of Iraq might not be pro-US. What I hope is it isn't is a government that funds terrorism... My decision about pre-9/11 wasn't arbitrary. Since 9/11, I have seen what I believe to be a fundamental change in this administration. Bush seemed to be happy with a containment strategy on Iraq before 9/11 - he wasn't after, clearly. Heck - during his campaign - he wanted nothing to do with the Balkans. By most serious accounts, his foreign policy was (and in some critical ways, still is) much more hands off than Clinton's. However, since 9/11, there has been an obvious change. I am hoping for more democracy out of that change - I guess that makes you sick. Here is some post 9/11 evidence that they mean what they say: $300Million in aid for Afghanistan after the removal of the Taliban. (before you cite it - yes, they aren't in this year's budget yet - but the budget isn't finalized and I would expect them to be added). As a matter of fact, I think that Bush should ditch a lot of his proposed tax cut and substantially increase foreign aid in some key places. Yes - believe it or not - I have a lot of problems with Bush. I think more should be done. But I don't think you can deny that the US is more committed to the welfare of the people of Afghanistan now than they were before 9/11. You think of me as a violent drunk's wife...thanks. You sound like a violent drunk with all your angry speech and insults. Girls go to school in Afghanistan now. That is a fact. Please, someone tell me that isn't progress. I have been waiting for a long time here. So - there you go - substantially more money and it seems like human rights (i.e. girl's going to school, etc) have improved - 2 things that I consider fact. Please debate them. I'm glad that you agree that not propping up dictators is better than what was done in the past. That is pretty much what I am saying. Sheez- we agree. Why'd you have to get so sick? I don't think that democracy necessarily grows from the ground up on its own. Can there be any doubt that the military might of France was instrumental in helping overthrow the British rule in the US when it went from a British colony to a democracy? Yes - it has to be the will of the people - but I think that many, many times a foreign military power has helped those people along. Anyway, the US has been promoting popular resistance movements in Iraq - the I.N.C. Apparently - that escaped your radar. Could it be that you don't have all the facts?? Oh my! There have been something like 12 assassination attempts on Hussein in the last decade - all have been crushed. I think that a movement for democracy may have been brewing from the ground up for a while. I really really hope it succeeds. Sorry for insulting your intelligence. Why are you so angry?

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