Response to Rumsfeld and freedom

Alright Cath! Yes, I was stuck listening to his little whiny talk today while driving to and from clients homes. You should also know the CNN bureau cheif now has a tell all article out about how he was threatened for years by Hussain's gov and his camera man was beaten in an attempt to get him to confess the media guy was a CIA informant. You wonder how they ever escaped the death chambers and spent 12 or so more years in Iraq. Another trial balloon went up trying to pin the anthrax letter scare on Iraq. How crass! That anthrax was american born, bred and delivered and they have widely reported it. They just conveniently can't tell which US citizen sent it (one of their own I'd wager. After all the victims were all democrats and journalist). I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but this has been the most conspiratorial administration I remember since Reagan. Sorry about my rant. I think your idea about emailing all the media is a good one. Quite a lot of us to do it I would think. I sure hope the media is getting the message we are leaving them for more ballanced news.

Created By: Sharon White