Response to have you seen it?

Here you go Bruce - here is some evidence of a post 9/11 shift in Bush policy: Check out the date on this article - 2000. Can there be any doubt that this is fundamental shift in Bush policy? Asking for a quantification of level of acceptable death is a sophistry. As if there is some magical number out there that can be plucked from the air. Hey - maybe we can do that with peacekeeping missions, too - figure out how many lives are worth keeping the peace - and once it goes above that level, just leave and say that the cost of peacekeeping is too high. Look - I want to be convinced that Hussein could have been removed without a war. I am not pro-war. I detest the death and destruction (except for that of Hussein and his regime, if I am too be honest). If there was a way for him to abdicate power diplomatically, I am all for it. I just don't think it could have been done - and I typically consider myself an optimist. I think that is the main point on which we disagree, I guess. Yes - I agree that the INC has been exposed as being largely corrupt (which is why US support has shriveled) - but you made a claim that the US has done nothing to try to support democracy and popular revolt in the country and I think that they have. They might have done so foolishly, but they tried. More evidence that things are moving forward....100 people, seems pretty good to me:

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