Response to Doom mongers unite

Eyal Wake up lady, any country no matter who or where, that rubbishes the UN and breaks international law is wrong. No-one on these threads has said anything about the Iraqi regime being good....the whole frigging world knows it was rotten to the core and the majority of the world wanted to see the back of Saddam like they would the back of a dozen other dictatorial regimes I could think off but here's the point, the majority of the world said 'Do it throught the UN' which is the only network organisation established on this planet to maintain some kind of stability in the world. There is a serious international principle and convention that the leading 'so called' democratic country in the world has basically rubbished here which should not be forgotten. A very dangerous example has been set and other leaders will read a differnet message into it. India has already announced that it has a similar right and more reason to undertake a pre-emptive strike against Pakistan than the US/UK did in Iraq.....who incidently both have nukes and large quantities of them. Do you really think this issue is restricted to Iraq? Look a little deeper into the situation in Iraq and you may see the real dangers here....a risk of Turkey getting involved if they get a wiff of an Independent Kurdish state coming out of this.....and what do all the Kurds want?? You got it!! They symbolically took the historic city, the americans are now suddenly flying the stars and stripes which up to now and still is throughout the rest of Iraq...banned by the military. Shi'ite and Sunni groups are starting to fight with each other, the remnants of the republican guard are still attacking the coalition forces, relatives of those killed by Saddam are looking for justice and others revenge.....ect, etc....Syria, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi all on tenderhooks and and taken aback by the reality of what has happened. Syria is already preparing for any possible invasion.... What is happening in the Middle East right now is something that threatens the stability of not only the Middle East but Europe and Asia.......and it does'nt take much of an IQ to see that...whether your anti-war or not anti-war!!. As for the Bush administration, go read a wee bit about how it came into being, and the connections between this administration and those that will profit from the re-construction of Iraq, from the oil of Iraq and from re-arming Iraq. Oh! yes the contracts to re-arm Iraq have already been agreed providing they are 'in the interests of the US', does'nt mention the interests of the Iraqi people. This does not mean people are anti-american, I certainly am not but yes, I would say the majority are anti this current US administration.........and you have to ask yourself why??? Why shold people from all walks of life, all ages, all cultures.....people who maybe would have never been bothered about stuff like this before, suddenly get so reactive to what has happened?? You tell me why Eyal? There is also a fundamental question over our own democratic system when a few people can decide to act in such a barbaric way on behalf of a population. I personally think the country should have had a census on the question. Cath

Created By: catherine davies