United Nations

I would welcome the members views on my opinion that the USA and UK should be expelled from the UN for violating a directive by invading Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein rather that dis-arm his military machine, than again they already knew he had no military machine to dis-arm as they had USED the UN inspectors to do this for them.Why else would they have hastened to war when others urged caution.They lied about everything, they have left Iraq and its people desolate and now having ignored the UN they want that body to take responsibility for "rebuilding" while they thieve the oil to pay for their butchery and plan the downfall of all and any who do not toe the line.Consider this,the IRA refuse to give up their weapons and withdraw from the peace process,they restart their UK bombing campaign,the Gardai are unable to contain and capture them,the 2Bs, "Bush,I was 2B Popular and Blair I want it 2B Imperial Days once more" decide to attack Ireland????far fetched, perhaps BUT.

Created By: Martin Murphy