Response to Doom mongers unite

Dear eyal, I understand your point in the martial artist analogy. Except it is also instructive. What would your friend had done if the "drunk" had just been walking on the same street, no bottle in sight (of course, in the past he had been known to have "bottles" and to have used them against defenseless people.) Not only that, but your friend is not alone, he is with about (let's just say) a dozen people. All of whom are armed with guns and knives and are all expert martial artists. And let's say that your friend is saying to all the other people, "Hey, I am going to take this "drunk" out. He is a danger to everyone." And almost everyone is telling your friend, "Don't do it! Look, we checked him out in the bar and he isn't armed with any "bottles" Besides, look we have put several "watchers" on him to make sure he doesn't attack anyone." And your friend says, "To hell with all of you!" And procedes to beat the shit out of the "Drunk" in the process several bystanders get "hurt" as well. When he is done and is standing there over the body and his hands and face are covered in blood, he smiles and says, "Don't you all feel safer know?" General looting of the area follows. Your friend points to another "wobbling Drunk" down the street and says, "Look, there's another one!"

Created By: Gary Nihsen