... I believe George W Bush is a threat. He has weapons of mass destruction. He has already invaded two countries, killing thousands of innocent people. The man is, I am personally convinced, a psychopath.
Using the logic you have applied to Saddam's regime, presumably you would agree that it would now be right for some other country whose leadership shares my viewpoint - say North Korea - to attack America and bring about "regime change" in that country?
If the only justification one country needs (or two countries calling themselves a "coalition") to invade another country and depose its leadership is their *belief* that the leadership in question poses a threat - or, in the case of Iraq, a possible threat at some future time - to their own country's interests, then what is to prevent *any* country from invading any other country? What if Iran, for example, decided that Israel posed a threat to its interests. Would it be okay for Iran - assuming it had the military capability - to invade Israel and replace the Israeli government with an Islamic leader?

In reality, of course, this is unlikely to happen - at least, not if the US can help it. Why? Because the US has taken it upon itself to police the world and to dictate to other countries whether they may or may not invade other countries, and whether they may or may not possess nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Invasion and pre-emptive strikes against other countries for strategic military and commercial advantage is a right that the US reserves for itself; a "right" derived from nothing other than its military superiority.
America already dictates political, military and economic policy in many parts of the world, and it is intent on expanding its "sphere of influence". George Bush summed up the US's position when he boasted, "What we say goes".

It is for the above reasons that this US president, and current US foreign policy, must be strongly opposed. Saddam Hussein may or may not have posed a threat to world peace. What is certain, however, is that George W. Bush and his dead-eyed henchmen pose an infinitely greater threat.

Created By: Zak Martin