Response to Bertie

I don't know if you got to hear it David, seeing as you're in the States, and it doesn't seem to be on their website yet, but Harney's speech was something else. She basically did say that we're part of the "Coalition of the Willing". There the PDs go - jumping on the neocon bandwagon like they jumped on the Thacterite one in the eighties. The PDs - 8 seats in the Dail from a minuscule vote - and dictating the show, with their best friend Charlie "I'm a qualified Accountant, you know, and therefore I'm an economic genius" McCreevy kneeding the spineless one into what every shape they please - Bertie the best buddy as you say exactly. And always the abiding paternalism (or maternalism), the deep condescension that now little children it's a nasty horrid world out there and you don't really understand reality do you now so run along and play with your wide-screen TVs and beep-beep mo-mo cars you dear little mites while we look after affairs in our ever-so responsible, ever-so adult way. F*ck you Harney.

Created By: Gabby Savage