Response to Other Wars?

Sorry, I shouldn’t really have focussed on the fair trade bit as this is an antiwar site. What really needs to happen with Congo, is pressure on the UN to get out of their compounds and provide security to villagers caught between Rwandan and Ugandan backed rebels. Pressure needs to be ongoing to get the Hutus, who think that they can’t return safely, to get out of Congo and reintegrate back into Rwandan society. The UN, in conjunction with South Africa (as brokers) is probably the best route. However, as Nokia announced (also conincided with an increase is supplies from elsewhere) late last year that they wouldn’t use coltan in their mobiles from Congo, it was a case of shutting the stable door. This is just one example of how business causes and perpetuates conflicts like this, the diamond industry is the same as blood diamonds and gems are still getting into the Western markets. Iraq, Syria, Iran etc are about to become the latest members of this club whose long list of members have one thing in common, resources that are wanted by a belligerent that is not prepared to pay for them.

Created By: Charles Monroe