G8 Evian June 1st

If anyone thinks that this war is just a symptom of a wider agenda based ultimately on greed and the neo-liberal economic agenda it might be worth your while attending the G8 protest on June 1st in Evian France. There will be several events taking place in the days around June 1st and there will be two temporary villages set up in which you can stay, these villages will be experiments in alternative non-money based systems. There will be hundereds of thousands of people in attendance from all over the world. People who would rather play a part in their world and its history rather than just watch the whole thing unfold on bad television shows. I attended a meeting held by Globalise Resistance in Dublin yesterday. They are running coaches, one for three days around the event, another for five. Call them if you are interested on 0861523542 or 0879032281 or visit their website www.freewebs.com/globalise. I'd didn't check to see if there are any details about this on the IAWM homepage because I was in too much of hurry to get here for the top quality rants. I wonder if Iraq will be liberated from the debts Saddam ran up.

Created By: Garret Shanley