Response to Rumsfeld attacks "unhelpful" media

Gabby, you teach me a lot. I had to go look up "hermenuetics" before I could respond. Been a long time since I studied philosophy. Thanks, now I have another way of expanding my thinking. Yep. The jr (junior) troll. I'm not so upset with him now. I have to keep my eye on the prize and not be distracted by the likes of him--a true specimen of the far right with just enough education to not be useful to them, but helpful in harrassing us. And yes. No rain over the weekend and I think I can mow my lawn this evening due to the ground finally having a chance to dry up. Unfortunately, I have to go out and buy some petrol to feed the bushies in order to mow it. I wish I was up to mowing with an old fashioned blade mower. Oh, the quest for simpler times. Oh if you get a chance you may enjoy looking at doonesbury's town hall, the Sunday comic is really good at summing up Bushes revisionist thinking. Hope you have some sunshine and laughter today.

Created By: Sharon White