Response to On a personal note

Yes, Declan, I had to check with my mom to see what my Irish history is and she says her father was Irish, not brittish so I got my facts twisted. When I lived in Germany I was friends with a couple and Joe was from Belfast. His mother came to visit for a couple of weeks and she was the first person to tell me I was of mixed pedigree. She then assured me all Americans were mixed race. The heinz 57 model has stayed in my head since when I discuss heritage. And since she was right about most US persons anyway, I find racism here even more difficult to understand. I mean do you remember the other bush (daddy, the weapons guy) when he made speach kicking off his run against Clinton saying he was pro life because his son's child (mexican wife) had problems when it was born and he couldn't stand to lose his "little brown grandchild." I mean did he think it made him better that he wanted his brown grandchild to live vs his white ones? Anyway I degress. I just meant to answer your question about my being a little Irish not give a speach on racism.

Created By: Sharon White