Response to Something does not add up

Just some follow up thoughts on 911. The plane that hit the Pentagon did so after changing direction on the way to Washington. It's been my theory (not one I ever saw anywhere else) that this plane was heading for the White House. If you check the timeline of events on the day, the plane apparently altered its course just after Bush gave his press statement from Florida. I've always read this as the hi-jackers picking a secondary target on discovering that their main target was not at home. (This does raise the question of a ground support team directing the planes that has never been explored to my knowledge.) Check out commentary by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed at . He has written an interesting book called "The War On Freedom" which delves into the failure to read the intelligence, and the blatant failure of FCC regulations for dealing with hi-jackings on the day that raise a lot of questions (but beware - though all of his questions are valid, some of his conclusions and 'facts' are easily refutable. Also, the book contains a ridiculous afterword by another writer who takes off on a tangent blaming the Mossad with little or no evidence!) Although there a definite questions that need answering, I cannot believe that 911 is 'Bush's burning of the Reichstag'. It's not that I don't think an American president would allow such an act of aggression to occur in order to gain political benefit and stability (Pearl Harbour, anyone?), the bogey in all this is Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld is a key member of the administration, a driving force behind the aggressive foreign policy. If there was any element of burning the Reichstag in 911, then he must have known. And yet, he was in his office in the Pentagon when the plane hit. CNN carried pictures of him helping carry the wounded despite DOD officials trying to evacuate him. Rumsfeld's office was on the other side of the building to where the plane hit. To believe that Rumsfeld had prior knowledge of the attack is to believe that he know exactly what side of the building was going to be hit. This is a stretch for anyone. I consider Rumsfeld one of the most odious men in international politics (right up there with Kissinger) but I can't believe that he would have been within a mile of the Pentagon had he known an attack was coming.

Created By: Brendan O'Sullivan