Response to baghdad protests

brendan h that was exactly my point however please do not let your approval of this invasion get in the way of subjecting the actions of the occupiers to scrutiny i can respect a persons opinion that not withstanding the damage the us has inflicted on so many others(a point alluded to by you in another thread - i would like to hear more of your experiences) that the removal of saddam justifies to them this dirty little invasion i strongly disagree but at least your opinion appears not to be based on the scare tactics of either government just dont let that support get in the way of your critical faculties in relation to the many other aspects of this if you agree with the concept of invasion, does it automatically follow you must also agree with the methods used, the weaponry, tactics, lack of order, political manipulation, etc etc etc you theorethically could support this dirty little invasion without becoming a parrot apologist for all actions committed in pursuit of it an example a newspaper was produced for the residents of umm qasr by the occupiers a military spokesman said it was written by the locals with input from the military he then discribed it as a sign of liberation that they were getting a non-state controlled 'free press' for the first time a good step no doubt but a 'free press'? non governmnet controlled? do ya reckon? and what happens when a group not under the thumb start to use print or tv/radio to spell out the historical involvemnet in saddams brutal regime of the occupiers? or call for the occupiers to leave? do you think that would be allowed?

Created By: Declan Finlay