Response to Scott Ritter's humanity

From Declan, "but can we just nail one thing on the head the are many times more people in this world happy that saddam is dead than are happy the us invaded Iraq" I got no argument with that. Many people are happy that he is gone but are not happy that it was done by the USA. Who else would do it? In an ideal world Saddam would have caved in to UN sactions or being ousted by his fellow Iraqis. I agree that it doesn't follow that we should endorse the methods of his removal just because the outcome may turn out well. I never used his removal as a justification for war. Declan again, "if 1,000,000 iraqis have died during saddam hussein's rule, and not withstanding the immoral involvement of so many countries, what portion of those deaths are the responsibility of the united states of america?" Declan it is not a issue of neeeding courage to answer your question. I simply don't know the answer. The first responsibility lies with Saddam Hussein. US/UK forces have found warehouses full of food and medicine belonging to the Baath party. Just 3 weeks ago the Baghdad regeime refused to accept medical aid from Jordan. We in the west are also complicit as we enforced the sanctions. We all bear some responsibility. Sharon I agree with much of what you say but this is a stretch. "Police shooting at protestors and launching grenades (also SF) are Israeli tactics against Palestinians and that to me does not speak well of the US I grew up in." They shot beanbags and rubber bullets. It is unfair to the Palestinians to compare them. As to what good is coming, I don't know. But I am prepared to withhold judgement. Only the Iraqi's can decide if they are better off. You make some very strong comments about George Bush and they do not help your argument. I am no fan of the President and did not vote for him and disagree with much of his policies but I don't rule out the possibility that he could be right once in a while. Security has gotten much tighter throughout the USA but I don't share your feeling that it is becoming like a police state.

Created By: Brendan H