Response to an interview with Shraon

Shay lets flood the whitehouse with emails protesting their lone vote to stop the UN resolution against Israel. We have to move by inches here. We are having affect on the Bush administration as they stated today they have no designs to attack Syria. I don't trust them if we put our guard down, but I think we need to keep moving to get what concessions we can. Also did not know if you heard. BBC radio tonight reports it was 15 Iraqi's killed in the protest in Mosul. They were protesting US and Kurdish takeover and asking them to leave. The US is saying that the firing was from citizens. The mayor is kurdish and if any have weapons now, it would be them. Didn't the US/UK take the weapons from ordinary Iraqi citizens? They found a Kurdish guy to testify it was the Iraqi who fired at each other. The spin continues.

Created By: Sharon White