As with every historical reference from the anti french crowd, the fact that France helped America win its independence is convientiently forgotten. As is the fact that many thousands of French citizens and soldiers lost their lives defying the Germans in WW2, and also the fact that America did not go into WW2 to "liberate" anybody, but only because it was itself attacked. I love the attitude of "we won WW2" - actually the Allies won WW2. There was no single factor or country that won the war. Some would say that Russia's heroic defence of Stalingrad won the war. Others would say that Britain stopping the Nazi invasion of their country won the war. Mathematicians would say that the genius of a small relatively forgotten group of codebreakers in England who intercepted hundreds of vital Nazi plans and orders won the war. Of course many would say that America's superior numbers and weapons won the war. Some would say that Nazi errors of judgement lost their war. What America did undoubtedly do was end the war a lot quicker than would otherwise have happened. Yes, America helped the Allies win WW2. Does that mean Europe owes America an eternal debt of unquestioning and blind loyalty?? Of course not, not any more than America owes France an eternal debt of unquestioning and blind loyalty for its help in the past.

Created By: Rachel Hicks