Response to Doom mongers unite

Of course your points are well taken Charles. I personally think we will have to have a peoples revolution world wide someday when we come up with a system to topple capitalism which is the real culprit controlling the world today. However, what happens in specific events like the attack on Iraq is lead by political extremes, and we have to protect from the extremes. My post was more meant to humorous about regime change, although I am quite serious about needing to retire bush in 2004. I also didn't mean to defend Clinton's problems as president. But, he certainly didn't have quite the mental problems of Bush. My analysis wasn't taken out of thin air. It comes from reading what has been written about him/family, watching his behavior in crisis and tallying what he does. These are character defects he has. They are much more serious than skirt chasing as they cause more death and distruction. And, he does think he has a mandate to rule the world. That is what we have to fight against.

Created By: Sharon White