Response to U.S. Has No Plans to Count Civilian Casualties

Brilliant Mollie, the media seems to be reflecting just how overt and callous the US Administration has become, they now don't even need to bother counting casualities. Sky, NBC, CNN etc trot out whatever line they're told to and the result is a nausiating distraction away from pain and suffering towards flames, tanks, tough and honest GI's, verging on pornography. At least in conflicts like Panama they demonstrated even a little embarassment at the 10,000 or so civilian deaths by burying them on US military land, off limits to joe soaps. The 1,000 or so "sammies" killed in Mog in a military disaster of childish proportions was initially and earnestly reported by one person, Mark Bowden. This fiasco began as an attempt to find one man in one building and led to 18 marine (the heroes) deaths and oh yeah, 1,000 or so sammies or as you might know it, the exciting film, Black Hawk down.

Created By: Charles Monroe