Response to U.S. Has No Plans to Count Civilian Casualties

Molly and Charles: I've just been reading the expose in the bbc for Northern Ireland concerning the Battle of Bogside. Pittiful how little we US citizens know of world history. I am beginning to understand in a different way why I am learning so much from you here at IAWM about protesting and the global movement. Much of my previous learnings have come from internal movements around civil rights. I was reminded of how it is for the Palestinians. We are all more truly brothers and sisters today in this struggle than ever in our history thanks in large part to the internet. I am appalled by what we let go on in this world and what accounts for "news". The dead and wounded Iraqi's must also have their day in telling their story through the survivors. People like us have to keep the media eye on this and other atrosities. One day we have to have true transparency and openness in all our governments. I don't know how, but the human race cannot survive if this current US vision continues. We have to stop the buying of media too. Since Newt Gingritch lead a revolt and cut PBS funding, we now have corporate sponsorship of our public news. It has changed that to almost mimic the mass media. I don't know if that has happened at the BBC, but I do know the eye witness reporter's account of Bloody Sunday would not have happened today here in the US. In fact when I did an internet search, a lot of the Bogside reports are right wing iterpretation. I honor your strengh and courage in dealing with the after effects of Bogside and your committment to peace shines even brighter for me.

Created By: Sharon White