Response to an interview with Shraon

as i mentioned in another thread, that idiot is a law professor in ucd yet on Q & A the other night (which is a vastly improved program) he refused to enter into the legal arguement of the question "is the war justified" i've been doing some reading up on the eu position on palestine/israel and whilst it is toothless (israel refuses to allow eu in on peace talks) they are certainly far more even handed than the us - even funding palestinian projects (israel claimed eu money was being used for anti-semetic literature but this was debunked by an inquiry) eu policy for example is a withdrawal to 1967 borders and a ludicrous anti-semitic racist left wing liberal call for palestinian 'human' rights to be observed by israel as the responsible authority i would have to presume (or i want to presume) that individuals in irish politics would be more sympathethic to palestinians right to nationhood than america

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