Response to baghdad protests

Declan, I was against the invasion of Iraq but the point becomes moot when the war started and is now nearly over. I have a lot of issues with the concept of a pre-emptive war. Any nation has the right to defend itself but Bush never made much of a case that the US was threatened. However I am very much in favor of some of the outcomes of the war. I can only see the removal of Hussein as a good thing and indeed it has been uniformly praised even in Arab countries. It is not inconsistent to be against the war and approve of some of the results of that war. My mention of the left is simple. Many of the anti-war protests were organized by groups on the political left. These same groups in the last century were willing to actually go and fight tyrants like Saddam. Today they just march to stop the removal of tyrants without offering any solutions.

Created By: Brendan H