Response to Doom mongers unite

Charles, Declan: Darn it, now you've got me thinking again! It is true the press became pussycats for Bush long before 9/11, he was so moral after Clinton's skirt chasing. It wasn't for lack of press and republican right wing effort that Clinton escaped impeachment over that "affair" (I'm sorry, in my day affairs required two people, Ken Starr's report shows Liewinski doing all the work). What saved Clinton was that most citizens saw his behavior as a private, not presidental problem. Though it still kills some press to call him President today. I said Bush is a psychopath, I didn't say he was the brains. I do believe Richard Pearl, Wolfowitz, the Carlyle Group, George Will, John Fund, and other bastions of the right wing think tanks and press are telling (convincing) him what to think. What political persuasion was Alger Hiss? He's still around passifying Americans when they get to worried about the fate of the nation. Lieberman will not be president. I'm not opposed to his being Jewish but he is entirely too aligned with Bush for my taste. I think we could turn this into something if we tried.

Created By: Sharon White