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Sidestepping your point but the US does not have that great a culture. War unites a nation-gets the flags out,kids trained from an early age. In Europe we have sport. Music-classical is heavily stolen from Europe,dance music too. Go into to any bookstore and the majority of books are from England and Ireland. American football(Rugby) is copied and so is Baseball(cricket/rounders) from England. Alot of young Americans I know moan about their tv and have BBC America and are grateful for Monty Python,Fr Ted etc Any decent healthy cuisine here is European-any honest American will tell you that. Okay I am exaggerating a bit but for a country of 280 million people and a history of 230 years you would expect alot more. This has been pointed out to me that Americans don't have time for the finer things in live-too busy making the Yankee dollar.Working two jobs,planning their retirement at the age of 21! And most only have 10 vacation days a year!Work/eat/work/eat Americans live to work-Europe works to live. Thank God for the cultural input of African-Americans!

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