Response to A Real 'Die-In'

I'm not sure that words like massacre are accurate. It cheapens the word and should be saved for real massacres. Innocent may not be the correct word either as there are still conflicting reports. Here is the Pentagon version: "At Central Command, Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks said Tuesday's bloodshed occurred as American special operations soldiers and Marines were trying to secure a government building for use as a meeting center. He said that when a group of Marines arrived at the walled compound people threw rocks, hit them with fists and elbows and spat at them. He said an Iraqi ambulance with loudspeakers arrived later and began urging on the crowd, which turned over a car and set it on fire. Brooks said the U.S. troops guarding the wall fired warning shots after seeing some people in the crowd shooting weapons into the air. The Americans then were shot at and began firing at some people in the crowd, including some who tried to climb over the wall, he said. "It was lethal fire, and some Iraqis were killed as a result of that," Brooks said. "We think the number is somewhere on the order of seven, and there may have been some wounded as well." Here is the BBC version: "The Americans [troops] were turning around the crowd. The people moved toward the government building, the children threw stones, the Americans started firing. Then they prevented the people from recovering the bodies," he said. But this account was contradicted by another witness who told the BBC the first shooting sounded like it came from a light weapon - "a Kalashnikov, not like the weapons Americans have". The link is There is unbelievable chaos in Mosul compared to other Iraqi cities. It seems to be due to the ethnic mix and the lack of US troops. There is an excellent report from a reporter on the scene at Nobody seems to know exactly what happened except the people on this board.

Created By: Brendan H