Response to Scott Ritter's humanity

Declan, I am not going to go into your detailed post but I agree with the gist of it that the sanctions were a disaster. The original intentions may have been good but the sanctions ending up hurting the Iraqi people and most likely enriched the Saddam regime. They might have worked under a leader who cared about his people. You ask: "are you willing to accept that it was only an unfortunate side affect of the sanctions that the people suffered? if so why were they never modified? are you at least willing to consider that that was their design, and if so does this change your views?" I am willing to consider it but it but I can't believe that was their design though it was the result. You are right that the USA bears some responsibility as do other countries. However the USA in the last month has done something about it. As many have said in America "we owe the Iraqi people".

Created By: Brendan H