Response to Scott Ritter's humanity

i still think you are trying to wipe away or water down the blame if the us is partly responsible, and we are talking about an est. 1.3 million people, surely that part responsibility must add up to some lives - are they not complicit in their deaths? if it was already known that saddam did not care about his people, why were sanctions imposed that could only affect him if he cared? if you believe the sanctions were in place for the right reasons, how do you explain the meddling with legitimate imports and the complete denial of radiation related medical supplies, intended for the very people who were supposed to rise up (the shi'ites)? why do tony blair and george bush and other senior politicians distort the truth about sanctions so severely? are you suggesting that whatever direct responsibility the united states has in the deaths of iraqis under their sanctions, is exhonerated by going to war? you are glossing over things if you dont respond in detail to my earlier post

Created By: Declan Finlay