Response to an interview with Shraon


just so we dont end up in a cyclical arguement it might be helpful if i knew where you stood on certain issues

are you aware of the united nations resolutions calling on israel to withdraw from the occupied territories? if so do you disagree with the united nations, and if so why?

do you agree settlements are in breach of the geneva convention? do you agree with settlements?

do you contest that israel was founded with the use terrorism?

do you believe it is accurate to describe the hagganah as a terrorist organisation, and its members, therefore, as terrorists??

what was the function of Unit 101?

do you believe ariel sharon was responsible for the murder, rape and mutilation of hundreds of men, women and children at chatilla and sabra in 1983?

if you do, do you believe these were war crimes and/or crimes against humanity and/or genocide and prosecutable as such?

how many people died in that massacre?

do you agree with the united nations who declared this genocide?

Where the towns of El-Bureig, Al Auja, and Qibya all legitimate military targets in 1953? where the actions performed there under the command of prime minister ariel sharon legitimate military acts?

do you agree 'collective punishment' is in breach of the geneva convention, a tactic inflicted upon the inmates of concentration camps during WW2, and as such is a warcrime?

how does the 'Pacification of Gaza' policy differ from orchestrated state controlled ethnic cleansing as in kosova, poland, germany, rwanda et al?

please explain the same policies of the 'Galili Protocols' and the subsequent founding of Yamat

do you agreee with the policy of extra-judicial killings?

do you believe palestinians and other ethnicities in the occupied territories are deserving of, at the very least, the same rights as the majority population in israel?

do you agree with the law of universal jurisdiction as recently exercised in belgium?

are you aware the same law was originally introduced in israel for the purpose of nazi warcrimes?

do you believe the use of 'human shields' including women and children is in breach of the geneva conventions and therefore liable to be described as a warcrime?

do you believe that all 1700 deaths of residents in the occupied territories during military operations in the past 3 years were either legitimate military targets or 'unfortunate accidents' as is the claim of the democratically elected israeli governmnent?

what is your response to the several documented instances of IDF personnel luring children to be fired upon?

do you believe any of the IDF policies in the occupied territories, or aimed at palestinians, could be described as terrorist in design and implementation?

how do you respond to the claims by the israeli foreign minister that all the survivors of chatilla and sabra are 'terrorists'?

please read (the letter from left wing lunatics you have referred to on several occasions) and higlight the points raised which you disagree with

Created By: Declan Finlay