Response to an interview with Shraon

are you aware of the united nations resolutions calling on israel to withdraw from the occupied territories? if so do you disagree with the united nations, and if so why Yes, I agree and I disagree, the UN also copared Zionism with Racism for a few years (until it was nulified) so was I ashamed of bein g a zionist just because some godforsaken countries decided so? no. Ther UN has nothing to do with Justice, nothing to do with real issues. it is a failed experiment. if the UN told you to kill yourself would you? do you agree settlements are in breach of the geneva convention? do you agree with settlements? I do noy agree with settlements, in hind sight, but settlements aresometimes towns and cities with people livingthere for thirty years. this is not a computer game,you can not just shift someone like that. the settlements would be negotiated and that is what I am waiting for, negotiations. do you contest that israel was founded with the use terrorism? Israel used terror tactics in it's fight against the British. Israel did not use human bombs and with very very few exceptions targeted only armed forced. Ehud Barak even claimed that were hea palestinian he would have fought the Israelis. I can understand someone who shoots at a soldier,I do not accept someone who brainwash a teenager to go into a bus and blow himself up. do you believe it is accurate to describe the hagganah as a terrorist organisation, and its members, therefore, as terrorists?? the Hagana stopped all fightting and joined the British army inthe fight against the Nazies, the Hagana was the political sein Fein (close resemblence) with no control over Etzel and Lechi. most of their operations were to smuggle jews into the country via the sea. what was the function of Unit 101? unite 101 was constructed after jordanian Fedahin kept crossing the border and murdering civilians every night only to cross the border in the morning . it brought the war back to the soil of the enemy. most of their operations were against military target (planners, commanders and individuals). I am not saying it was pretty. it was war. do you believe ariel sharon was responsible for the murder, rape and mutilation of hundreds of men, women and children at chatilla and sabra in 1983? no. this happened because Lebanese christians militia went on a murdering rampage as a revenge of a secterian killing a night or two before. however, since he was the minister in charge he had to resign. there was no israeli order to do so (why? what would that have given us? ) no israeli soldier participated in this. yes, we let them through a few road blocks but they were our allies at the time and were not broadcasting their intent. how many people died in that massacre? I do not know the exact number, a few hundreds? do you agree with the united nations who declared this genocide? yes. but we did not do it. Where the towns of El-Bureig, Al Auja, and Qibya all legitimate military targets in 1953? where the actions performed there under the command of prime minister ariel sharon legitimate military acts? you have 20/20 hindsight don't you. for you all is clear, right and wrong are absoluted, like a star track movie. try reaching a decision under fire,no night vision, only the map of in your head,life ofyour mates are on your shoulders. different times, different atmosphere, you are inthe middle of a war of your very existance. and yes, mistakes were made, terrible ones, sometimes unexcusable ones. but you were not there to make them so who are you to judge? do you agree 'collective punishment' is in breach of the geneva convention, a tactic inflicted upon the inmates of concentration camps during WW2, and as such is a warcrime? yes, collective punishment is terrible. life s stronger than that though. if you know for a fact one terrorist is going to go out of a certain village with a car bomb would you not put the entire village under curfew and search house to house?? how does the 'Pacification of Gaza' policy differ from orchestrated state controlled ethnic cleansing as in kosova, poland, germany, rwanda et al? I really do not believe ineed to answer this one Declan. in Kosovo muslims were systematically raped and murdered in concentration camps. Ruwanda was tribal massacres. Gaza was a hornest nest of Terrorist. since it GIVEN BACK to Arafat it became the place to lounch missiles at israeli towns (not settlements). would you not cross the border in order to stop them? Israel is targetting terrorists and yes, there are civilian casualties and it is terrible, they suffer because their leadership would not do what they promised to do. keep the area safe. Arafat had 8 years and millions of dollars to make each town he controlled a great place to live. it looks worst than when we left it. the money was spent on palaces, military and bribes. do you agreee with the policy of extra-judicial killings? I used to be against it but changed my mind. if I know someone is going to kill me I will take him down. period. you could stay moral in your arm chair, thank you very much. do you believe palestinians and other ethnicities in the occupied territories are deserving of, at the very least, the same rights as the majority population in israel? yes. and I hope the palestinian state would gie it to them. do you agree with the law of universal jurisdiction as recently exercised in belgium? no. because it is used by radical groups with twisted sense of truth and law. it is used by palestinian organisations, far from being the red cross, to fight israel politically, and itis also devoid of reality. are you going to arrest George Bush? the world is not black and white. every leader in the west and a east have commited acts you would define as crimes. are you aware the same law was originally introduced in israel for the purpose of nazi warcrimes? no. not the same laws. and I resent believing George Bush is a hitler or sharon or blair). the Nazies did something never before in history (unfortunately it happened again in kosovo, wheer the UN did not reach a resolution about it) and Israel made special laws to deal with them. however, the last guy we captured got a fair trial and walked away (Demyanyuk) do you believe the use of 'human shields' including women and children is in breach of the geneva conventions and therefore liable to be described as a warcrime? yes. when a soldier uses that he should be punished. do you believe that all 1700 deaths of residents in the occupied territories during military operations in the past 3 years were either legitimate military targets or 'unfortunate accidents' as is the claim of the democratically elected israeli governmnent? Ibelieve we do alot to minimize casualties. I have friends who were fighting in Jenin and at least one of them wanted to call artillery and was stopped because of civilian casualties. yes, there are always criminals (like the four soldiers arrested yesterday) but they are criminals , not following orders. I do not believe we order the death of civilians (what for? what does it achieve?) what is your response to the several documented instances of IDF personnel luring children to be fired upon? what reports? who reported? what soldiers? which town, date, time? agains. IF this is not anothe rpropeganda from electronic intifada than those guys are in jail (or should be) - tell me your source. do you believe any of the IDF policies in the occupied territories, or aimed at palestinians, could be described as terrorist in design and implementation? are you running of things to ask me? how do you respond to the claims by the israeli foreign minister that all the survivors of chatilla and sabra are 'terrorists'? which foreign minister? when? where did you read that? please read (the letter from left wing lunatics you have referred to on several occasions) and higlight the points raised which you disagree with I will, as soon as I finish my homework mom

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