Response to Sanctions?

eyal after all the links, and comments, and full descriptions of the UN sanctions - which america designed, implemented, and prevented from being changed after two heads of the oil for food program resigned after one called it genocide after all the un reports spelling out in detail the suffering of iraqis and blaming the sanctions themselves after all the attempts to change them the hundreds of thousands of child deaths the third world rate of infant death you still cannot or will not see that the sanctions WORKED they served their purpose they destroyed the civilian population of iraq as they were intended to do they prevented the population from overthrowing from within as they were intended to do they prevented the shiite population from being able to act as they were intended to do you remember madelaine albrights comments dont you? you remeber the hold ups in necessary medication dont you? you recall the 5.6 bn of approved food and medicine held up by the us dont you? you do have an explanation for all this other than it was unfortunate, or it wasnt supposed to kill hundreds of thousands, or saddam should have done more, or it was the un's fault and you still refuse to applaud the us their plan achieveed everything it was intended to do but, sure, america wouldnt do that would they?

Created By: Declan Finlay