Response to How will America deal with the North Koreas.

Michael H., Declan, you are very right. In "Count Down to Armageddon" a PBS special hosted by Walter Chronkite last week some interesting facts came out. If the US/Russia get rid of their nuclear weapons, there would be no core material for the reactors in any other countries. Isn't that interesting? That the whole scare rest with only a two countries. Russia expresses willingness as long as the US puts out more than lip service. Russia is now paying for cleanup and has lost quite a bit of productive land due to radiation. Heaven knows in the US. Citizens are treated like mushrooms. If we can't learn the truth about 9/11, how do we even get close to three mile island or the areas around the major military installations. I shudder to think about the inriched plutonium sites. One can only assume the deaths, increased cancer rates and sterilization of inhabitants living close to these sites in Russia has correlates in the US. We have the hotbed areas for high cancers, contaminated water, high death rates but our courts and government have conspired to keep the truths about cause from us. Would that we would make some of the efforts Russia is to get open about the issue. I'm not trying to make Russia a hero, but there does seem to be more willingness on their part to face the truths presently.

Created By: Sharon White