Response to moer about sharon

Charles, I think the money issue is new to Eyal. Note he equates it the same as if we took guns to hold him up; "do you think that would bring peace? using aggressive manipulation of the dollar/Euro? how better are you than the extreme israeli right wing?" The Israeli right wing orthodox say it is wrong to promote the current efforts against Palestinians that it is against the torah teachings. Now you come up with money ideas. All Eyals values are in question. Ironically, I believe stopping the flow of US money to Israel would bring about peace. Just as the loss of status of dollars would disrupt the US. Talk about deficit. If Euros compete more fully, the deficit will again become the true battle in the US rather than Iraq, Iran, Syria etc. Polls steadily showed even in the hieght of the Iraqi invasion that the economy stayed the number one issue for US citizens. Oh the trickyness of reading polls.

Created By: Sharon White