Response to Big improvements in liberated Iraq

wow you are all so charming. especially Sharon whose grips on reality rivals the former Iraqi information minister. maybe he is hiding in her living room right now (check behind the curtain Shron). I am glad I bring so much happiness to your lives, ladies and gentlmen, I do weddings and Bar Mitzvas too. My jokes and banters might be a bit too primitive to your superior intellect and I might not grasp the subleties of your amazing theories about America's evil world (part jewish) domination but your kindness has always been an inspiration. Your acceptance of other views, no matter how different to your own, is an example to all my war mongering brainless friends and relatives. As your power grows (?) and your revolution takes hold (??) I would soon be under the endangered species protection plan (introduced under Clinton administration by the way, wonder what he was doing when he thought that one up). you would be able to watch me in the special zoo made for people who think different than you are Sharon, you are amazing. you managed to find a simple solution to the middle east problem which elluded the greatest minds of the 20th century. I nominate you for the nobel prize. hey, I am not joking, Arafat got one too you know.

Created By: eyal kless