Response to Non socialist demo

Why the anti socialist fuss? We in the peace movement regardless of our personal political persuasions share a great deal in common with the Socialist Party. They have kept the core of unfair practices in the forfront during my lifetime and before. Any one in the US who do not see the connections between Maetwan and socialist thinking, do not understand the labor movement in America. That movement is now sadly being eroded daily and I welcome my socialist brothers and sisters in trying to give power back to the people. To move forward, we have to accept what each brings to the table and be willing to be open if the views are not our own. I have seen too much of corporate and political greed, which is part of the war on Iraq logic. to know that things have to change. And to quote Bill Clinton, "we don't have a person to lose". We have to stand together or lose the power we've had in effecting how this war was conducted. And we have effected both US and UK actions in their war.

Created By: Sharon White