Response to Iraqi National Congress

Hi Declan, I don't think the INC is a terrorist group, though some of its members have been engaged in military actions. On the subject of people being involved in military actions I thought that the following, from the Sunday Business Post, was interesting. In an articles about planes carrying munitions (I have posted a link to this in the news section) there is this interesting piece 'Other destinations included Jordan, Romania (where the US was training anti-Saddam Iraqis), Qatar (where military headquarters were based), Britain, Cyprus and Bahrain.' As for Ahmed, i think there is an element of 'the lady doth protest too much' in his comments about not wanting to have a leading role in Iraq. If he is so uninterested in political power why was he one of the first to be flown in by the US? I cannot see him getting to be the primary leader in the country because of his criminal record (A few hundred million went 'missing' from a bank he was involved in and he is wanted in Jordan in relation to this. There is a large fine and a prison sentence awaiting him there). I do think he might have some sort of behind the scenes role though that we may not hear much about.

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai