Response to George Galloway

yes brendan this is the death knell for the anti-war movement not wanting bombs falling on peoples heads and shrapnel slicing childrens limbs off is such a shaky dodgy position to take, that any incident could derail the whole self serving process of peace i've actually started thinking about a few iraq inspired coincidences i log on thru UTVip internet - which started trading around last oct/nov - which was around the time of res 1441 - which enabled me and many others to spend more time online - many of which spoke out aginst the war do you think IRIS funded them? and when do we get our share from IAWM? these are serious questions - the peace dividend if you like i am reporting that brendan h is a wind up merchant with nothing to offer but negativity - and i have plenty of documentation to prove it

Created By: Declan Finlay