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Current state of affairs in Afghanastan.....

Warlords Terrorise Afghanistan

Warlords in Afghanistan are said to be terrorising the population with a climate of fear and religious fundamentalism is rising.

The trends are emerging 18 months after US forces toppled the ruling fundamentalist Taliban regime.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch says the opening of schools and colleges for women is also under threat.

It says the international community has allowed warlords and local military commanders to take control of much of the country.

Instead of providing security, the warlords are terrorising the local population with kidnappings, arbitrary arrests and extortion.

Political opponents, journalists and ordinary Afghans are attacked and intimidated into silence.

Human Rights Watch submitted evidence to the UN Human Rights Commission's annual session in Geneva.

Not to mention the heroin production going up more than 200%, and the US are still there (and losing soldiers) - why isn't all this in the "news" !!

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