Response to So, will you all be demonstrating against France and Russia

Just wanted too see what the reaction would be. And I have to say it didn't surprise me one bit. Fot thosse of you that are a bit blinded by their own rethoric, let me spell it out for you. Where was the 10,000's of people when China invaded Tibet, or when Russia massacred their way through Chechnya, or now that France and Russia refuse too lift sanctions until they get their cash!! These same countries you applauded not two months ago. You have the audacity to speak of the UN as the foremost body. This site and you people have proved just one thing, you are not anti-war, you are Anti-American. As soon as the USA actully does anything, you people raise your banners and flock to the streets. You all practically apologise for the Palestinainain bombers and condemn the Israelis at every opportunity. There is always howls of outrage when the Israelis go into the refugee camps but only mild if any condemnation when the Palestinian bomber blows himself up in the middle of a niteclub q. As for your definition of Hypocrite, in typical twisted fashion you are unable to see the rhetoric behind your statement. You are hypocrites for the simple reason that if you want to support your claim to be Anti_war then you should be Anti-War in all your actions and not single out the USA and Israel for your special attention I don't agree with the current Bush nor Israeli administration, but for more valid reasons than you people have. I am an active meber of the Wildalert fund and am horrified what the bloddy Republicans are doing to their lands and wilderness. But there is one thing that sickens me, and that is people like ye that claim the high moral ground on retrograde policies and blind idealism Wake up, there are two sides to every story. The sooner you people realise this then the sooner intelligent and concise debate can take place, free of the simple and idiotic pandering to outmoded ideals that so frequents these board In every instance you people have got it wrong, you cliamimed 100's of 1000's of deaths and there wasn't so. Then you all come out and say 'well, one death is to many'.There is always some excuse isn't there. btw, you need a new server, this one is ssslllooowwww

Created By: Steven ward