Response to Big improvements in liberated Iraq

Hi Sharon! I remember reading "Brave New World" and "1984" when I was 16. The sad thing is that many of the events in these books were prophetic. It is absolutely essential that the press be unbiased. It seems very difficult to get objective information right now. If anyone is off this weekend, you might want to do a web search about George Bush's connection with the major oil corporations. Check out his major campaign contributors, prior inside trade dealing of his oil stock and current connections with oil companies. You might also realize that he is diverting our attention towards the War in Iraq and away from his changing domestic policies. When he was governor of Texas he was called the toxic Texan. He had the worst envirnomental policy in Texas, allowing companies to spew aout 60,000 tons of sulfur dioxide in one year. The smog was so thick it was very difficult for people to see when they were driving! Now he is trying to abolish the clean air act and letting the National Forests be destroyed for lumber and paper products. We have contributed to UNICEF, Operation Child Survive, to help save lives of children affected by the crisis in Iraq. I am a member of Pax Christi USA and I am currently trying to discuss many of these issues with the community. I was born in 1950, and taught college chemistry and molecular biology and did research for many years. However, I have never been this deeply concerned about the nation and our foreign policy. We seem to be pushed to a period that I have no recollection of. One thing is clear that knowledge is absolutely essential to expose the ills of this administration. Thanks for all the information and everyone's diligence in trying to explain major inconsistencies with the Bush Administration!

Created By: Ellen Marcia Rand