Response to The American media

Subject: Response to The American media That's a cracking series of quotes...and all ring home. I'm a firm believer in 'knowing the bearer by the fruits they bring' From that perspective, I can narrow down those that come from a point of truth, justice and freedom to very few in terms of journalists, world leaders, diplomats or other. Certainly the bunch of people currently dealing out world justice, freedom and truth......are bearers of, well....I dont need to go down that road. Truth always come to the surface, like things of excellence, you cant knock it, it stands on its own and those that hear it recognise it, if they are seeking it. And their are a lot of excellent journalist out their who bring that truth to the ears and eyes of the world. If somehow, they could gather together, and this sounds idealistic, and work as one force then the word would spread and the garbage we have to endure through our current western media might recede. The problem is most of these journalist work as independent's because their paths and words have gone against what the corporate giant's prefers to hear....and we all know what happens to those that speak out of turn before him.......they get the sack. Sites like these are brilliant because they allow free expression and speech, they allow the publication of truth and lies.........but at least we have the ability to decide for ourselves which unfortunately those that depend and believe the Fox's and Sun's of this world....dont have. Is it not ironic that a system set up by the military is now one of the main bastions of truth in this world. Cath

Created By: catherine davies