Response to John Pilger

Eyal, They should not have been there in the first place! So your hypothesis of what should you do is meaningless. Remember this was defence against the invasion of a country illegally and against the wishes of the majority of the world including an organisation set up to keep it the fragile peace balance. And dont give me all that srap about Saddam and weapons of mass destruction.....the CIA could have taken out Saddam many times over since the last Gulf War. Maybe you should ask yourself, what would you do in that situation.....What would you do if your home was under attack by armed men, if invaders started shooting your family, blowing up your relative and destroying your community ?? or.....What would you do, if you were a soldier in an invading force which had no moral, or just right for its actions. Would you just obey orders!!.....that's the question. We all have brains and can make decisions about what we do...even soldiers....we know what is right and what is wrong, no matter what our actions or beliefs are!! What would do Eyal?? is the more apt question, I think. But I think you have already confirmed your answer Cath

Created By: catherine davies