Response to So, will you all be demonstrating against France and Russia

stephen is there a term you prefer other than troll? i am trying to understand your arguement with some difficulty are you suggesting we should ignore united states attrocities in order to condemn the actions of others? are you actually suggesting that if one was to only oppose the invasion and occupation of iraq, that would be fundamentally flawed? would the reasons for that oppositon suddenly disappear because a person didnt argue with the same conviction about chechnya? or alegeria? or taiwan? also if the energies given to this forum to oppose war are 'misspent' what does that make of the energies given to this forum to contradict the opposition to war? the whole same line of infantile logic you use could be directed back at you if you support this war because of human rights abuses do you believe america should invade all countries who abude human rights (except america)? or if you prefer the WMD option, do you think america should invade all those countries who have WMD (except america)? and if its the UN resolutions option you choose, do you think america should invade all those countries who are in breach of UN resolutions? isnt it hypocritical to advocate invasion of only one country? oh by the way, i have decided i am anti-american in the same way as i am anti-china, anti-cuban, anti-north korean, anti-iranian, anti-syrian, anti-israeli, anti-rwandan, anti-irish, anti- british it's really very tiring you know (by the way do you have a timescale for when france and russia are going to invade another country?)

Created By: Declan Finlay