Response to Why Are We Here?

This site is excellent as I find it so informative and I have learned an increadible amount of information over the last few months. It is also so heart warming as well as theraputic,to find that there are other people who feel the same as me. What can we do ? Well we are doing alot of really good work. The American conscience was severely pricked over the last few weeks. A huge rally cry of "support the troops emerged" ( some rallies were even sponsored by local tv stations) and alot of people were forced to stake their claims as to why the U.S. should be supported. For Americans to do this shows that they are insecure,and have doubts about this war. We can only inform people and I am quietly confident that Bush and his croonies will not get away with anything else. Plus Americans still haven't felt the backlash of this war yet and no doubt future vacations this summer might hit home a few home truths. In a Harris Poll last week ( Over 60% of Americans were concerned about how the rest of the world now saw them and the same percentage had grave concerns about the war and any more terror attacks.The Harris Poll is the best known opinion surveys and is structured the best thus avoiding pressures on the people surveyed. Still more need to be informed like the jackass behind me one day who said that Sadaam caused 911 and where were the anti war people then ? Ignorant of course but the fact that his cage was rattled shows that the anti war message is getting stronger. I would love to know how the plethora of US firms are doing in France and Germany and are American travelling businssmen and women slightly annoyed at the feeling Bush and Co. have created around the world?

Created By: David Brennan