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Why did NATO intervene in Kosovo and not in Turkey?

Quote's from Chomsky's book:

...Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy Berger underscored the fact that ethnic cleansing, which "happens in dozens of countries around the world", cannot be the occasion for intervention. In Kosovo, US national interest was at stake: intervention "involved bolstering the credibility of NATO and making sure Kosovar refugees didn't overwhelm neighbouring countries"

Washington's official version... was reiterated in January 2000 by Secretary of Defense William Cohen and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Henry Shelton, in a lengthy summary of the war provided to Congress. The US and NATO had 3 primary interests "Ensuring the stability of Europe", "Thwarting ethnic cleansing" and "Ensuring NATO's credibility".

(Back to me) NATO's credibilty comes up a lot as an issue. I will post a message again (in a thread of it's own) about Chomsky's comments about Kosovo.

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