Response to United States of America Justice!!!

Gary, I don't take it as a personal attack at all as you are responding to the content of my posts. I sympathize with you having to read them all. I probably do come across as an apologist for the US but it is not my intention. Most of my posts are replies to what I see as hype, rumours and an effort to paint the US in the worst possible light. I try to show that there may be another side. It is an attempt to bring balance to the forum as a one sided discussion does not benefit anyone. You are right that I have a strong believe in the goodness of the US and it's troops but I am not blind to their wrongs either. Many posters on here are blind to any good the US might do. They would rather be right than see any possible good coming out of the war. I was never in favour of the war in the first place and never bought Bush's WMD pretext. But it is useless to continue debating whether the war should have happened when it is over. I differ with many on here in that I see some potential good coming out of it. It is still early days but I am hopeful that something positive or at least much better than before is ahead for the Iraqi people. I never claimed that this made the war justifiable - that is up to the Iraqi people to decide. I agree with many other posters that there is way to much emphasis on the US/Bush on here.

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