Response to Fallujah - A Shooting Too Far?

"Yahoo! Headlines AFP Home Top Stories World Business Ireland Politics Entertainment Tech Science Full Coverage SportTuesday April 29, 11:18 AM US troops shoot dead 13 Iraqis, including children FALLUJAH, Iraq (AFP) - US troops shot dead 13 Iraqis, at least six of them children, during a protest to mark Saddam Hussein's birthday, overshadowing the surrender of a key weapons advisor to the toppled president. Witnesses in the town of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, told AFP that US troops had opened fire late Monday on demonstrators celebrating Saddam's 66th birthday, killing 13 and wounding 45. "The shooting broke out when 500 protestors carrying portraits of Saddam and Iraqi flags approached a school manned by US troops," said Mohammed Hamid, a resident of the town, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of the capital. Another witness who asked not to be identified said the US soldiers were "not threatened by the demonstrators." Of the 13, dead who were swiftly buried Tuesday in accordance with Islamic tradition, SIX WERE CHILDREN AGED JUST SEVEN OR EIGHT," (my capitals) "the second witness said. The incident came amid volatile anti-US feeling in the country, nearly three weeks after US tanks rolled into central Baghdad marking the end of Saddam's 24-year grip on power." ******* I know it's not great but it's the best I could do on short notice. Just exactly what threat did those unarmed seven and eight year old children pose, Brendan??

Created By: Rachel Hicks