Response to Fallujah - A Shooting Too Far?

The US have killed up to 1200 Iraqi civilians according to NPR. I have at least 40 reports of innocents being killed. The British blindly fired shells into Basra. Not to mention the two markets that were destroyed for which the US inquest by war criminal Franks seems to have been overlooked. Cluster bombs are unpredictable in their operations. The figures of civilians killed from these will never be known. Then there is the uraniaum fallout. The trauma suffered by people and their loss of hearing from bombs being dropped on their cities.Children will be scarred for years just like the generations that live in Hiroshima,Nagazaki and Laos. The criminal acts carried out by Bush and Blair should not be forgotten.There are terrorists. Interviews with US troops in iraq were chiiling in their glee of having "good days".One I recall smirked that he killed a woman "who got in his way". Troops are animals.Civilians die in wars.That is why no human can or should ever be pro-war. Now I can't believe that pre-war the US boasted about how precise their campaign would be and no civilains would die. Some Americans believed this.

Created By: David Brennan