Response to So, will you all be demonstrating against France and Russia

charles why do you keep repeating ad nauseum that people keep repeating ad nauseum the same points? personally, i have decided that the only wars i am going to protest are american led wars, and everybody else will have to suffer without my support i hate america that much you see could you please please please stop intentionally, and probably quite effectively, undermining the honest and heartfelt actions of other people if you wish to inform, or draw attention to other issues or conflicts - good on ya if you get your jollies from insulting people who wish only good, at least have the decency to state your policy openly as far as i can tell you have made sod all positive posts and dozens of negative ones is this your way of rallying support for the common cause of peace? if it is, it may need some reworking

Created By: Declan Finlay