Response to inspectors may have got it right

shari i too hope a powerful block can emerge to at least question the united states they pretty much needed britain this time but next time they may very well go it alone - i cant see france, germany or russia backing us plans for a decade i also am not sure whether britain will get to join in with the us in future controversial conflicts - i reckon a lot of labour mp's feel like they've been taken for a ride i certainly dont wish to get into another infantile cold war scenario - but i am firm in my belief that anything other than america stepping back into the line of international law - hypocritical and innefective as it is - the world, as we know it could yet get darker i dont care if that power is a miraculously united europe / eu or a miraculously united middle east - just something to act as a counterweight and restore some natural balance to the world

Created By: Declan Finlay